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Please note that ALL the craft stalls in ALL our markets
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every Sunday morning

Xàbia/Jávea (Alicante)

Craft Fair
with Artesanía de Autor®

Starting 24 September, we are there every Sunday morning (11 am to 2 pm or a little later)along the seaside promenade by Jávea harbour

At 12 o'clock noon there will be a free workshop for children.
Xàbia/Jávea (Alicante)
Craft Market
Every Sunday
Polinyà de Xúquer

Craft Fair
with Artesanía de Autor®

4, 5 & 6 May

This year we hold a craft demonstration fair, with live music, juggling and story telling for the very young.  To be held in the Plaza Mayor, with all our usual Artesania de Autor® quality

The fair opens Friday afernoon at 6 pm and is open Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm
Rivas Vaciamadrid
Craft Market
with Artesanía de Autor®

12 - 15 de mayo

This is the eighth year running that we set up shop
in the Calle San Isidro in the middle of the old town.  The Market offers many demonstrations such as by a smith, a wood carver, a potter, a carver of bone and horn as well as a glass blower.  Plus two eat-and-drink zones, attractions and workshops for children and of course our Amata atmosphere.

We open Saturday at 12 noon, are open from 11 to 23 on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday though we may shut a little early on the Tuesday
Consuegra (Toledo)
Medieval Market
with Artesanía de Autor®

10 - 12 August 2018

This is the sixth time we participate in Consuegra Medieval. Amata sets up a craft fair in the Plaza de España, complete with a blacksmith, a glass blower, a wood carver, a potter and a paper maker to show off their skill plus of course stalls that comply with our Artesanía de Autor®.  There are workshops for children, musicians, jugglers and  stilt walkers, plus a whole range of interesting activities and shows in the Plaza, the Castle and the Paseo between. 

Open Friday afternoon and evening, and all day Saturday and Sunday.
Chinchilla (Albacete)
Traditional Market
with Artesanía de Autor®

29 & 30 June, 1 July

Because last year's market went so well, Amata has been asked once more to set up the town's Traditional Market, with live music, stilt walker, puppet theatre and a fire show each evening.  Many stallholders will be at work as well as selling their Artesanía de Autor® work.

The Market opens late Friday afternoon and stays open till Sunday night
Monreal del Campo (Teruel)
Artemon - Craft Demonstration Fair
with Artesanía de Autor®

21 & 22 July

This is the tenth time that Amata helps organise the Artemon craft fair.  There will be a dozen or so craft demon-strations as well as work-shops for children.

The Fair will be set up in front of the Town Hall and will be open from 11 am to 2 pm and 6 pm to 11 pm (9 pm Sunday evening).
La Nucía (Alicante)

Medieval Market
with Artesanía de Autor®

6, 7 & 8 July

For the 14th Medieval Market
Amata has contracted a small medieval knight's overnight camp, where they teach people to fight with swords and shoot with the long bow.  Also minstrels, belly dancing, a fire show and, as always, 60 stalls with real Artesanía de Autor®  and demonstrations of old crafts.

Open all three days from 6 pm onwards till midnight or perhaps a little later
Lezuza (Albacete)
Feria de Oficios
estilo Romano

22, 23 y 24 de junio

Lezuza (Albacete)
22, 23 y 24 de junio de 2018
Feria de Oficios estilo Romano

Volvemos a participar en el proyecto Libisosa, unas jornadas de recreación histórica, con una pequeña pero selecta feria en la que la mayoría de los artesanos estará trabajando en sus oficios. Aparte de nuestra animación hay recreaciones históricas, visitas guiadas a los yacimientos y al museo y mucho más.  Abrimos el viernes por la tarde y nos quedamos hasta el domingo a la tarde. 
Lezuza (Albacete)
Demonstration Fair
Roman style

22, 23 & 24 June

We return this year to take part in the Libisosa project, a few days of historic recreation. with a limited but select number of stalls, with participants at work at their craft.  Apart from our own way of livening the market there are guided tours to Roman and Iberic remains as well as the museum, nd also some historic recreations.

The market opens Friday evening and we stay till Sunday evening.
El Molar (Madrid)

Craft Fair
with Artesanía de Autor®

21-23 September

Para celebrar el Día del Privilegio de Villa (23 de septiembre) montamos durante todo el fin de semana una hermosa Feria de Artesanía de Autor® en la Plaza de la Iglesia (Ayuntamiento) con talleres para niños, una ludoteca y un carrusel.

Abrimos por las mañanas de 11 a 14 horas y por las tardes a partir de las 18 h.; el viernes sólo por la tarde.
Xàbia/Jávea Puerto                           (Alicante)

Feria de Artesanía
con Artesanía de Autor®

12 al 14 de octubre

Con motivo del festival gastronómico La Mar de Tapas montamos una feria de unos 20 puestos con nuestra Artesanía de Autor® en el Paseo Marítimo del puerto.  La ruta de tapas empieza el viernes por la tarde hasta el domingo a mediodía, pero nosotros abrimos los 3 días de 11 a 23 h. sin cerrar a mediodía. 

Puedes ver donde estamos en Google Maps:
Xàbia/Jávea Port                           (Alicante)

Craft Fair
with Artesanía de Autor®

12 - 14 October

Because Jávea Port is organising a Tapas Route called La Mar de Tapas Amata organises a small craft fair with 20 stalls with our
Artesanía de Autor® in the Paseo Marítimo of the Port

The Tapas Route starts on Friday early evening and finishes Sunday lunch time, but the Craft Fair is open all three days from 11 am to 11 pm continuously

To find us, have a look at Google Maps
Novelda (Alicante)

Craft Fair
with Artesanía de Autor®

9-11 November

In the pleasant Plaza de la Glorieta there is room for 25 to 30 stands with genuine craft work (Artesanía de Autor®), a pottery workshop and other workshops, table games for children and a small merry-go-round - plus, of course, a pleasant tmosphere

Open Friday from 6 pm till 10 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm till 10 pm
Novelda (Alicante)
Craft Market
9- November