It is essential that Amata can evaluate the quality of your product before inviting you to any event. Please send - by e-mail or ordinary
Amata runs about 15 events a year.  Town Halls usually do not confirm any particular event till the last moment, which is why we cannot show a list of coming events for all of the coming year.
Coming events organised by Amata
Sorry, we can only show
a few fairs
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mail - a dossier that includes clear photo-graphs of your product, and stall / clothing if you want to participate in medieval markets
Please note that ALL the craft stalls in ALL our markets
are Artesanía de Autor
® - no import, no factory produce
every Sunday morning from 24 September

Xàbia/Jávea (Alicante)

Craft Fair
with Artesanía de Autor®

Starting 24 September, we are there every Sunday morning (11 am to 2 pm or a little later)along the seaside promenade by Jávea harbour
Xàbia/Jávea (Alicante)
Craft Market
Sundays, from 24 September