Amata runs about 20 events a year.  Town Halls usually do not confirm any particular event till the last moment, which is why we cannot show a list of coming events for all of the coming year.
Click on the market for more information.
Sorry we can only show a few fairs,
Fairs and Covid

Very, very carefully we are beginning to organise fairs with all necessary security measures.  We hope that, with everybody’s help, the spreading of the virus can be checked, so that the number of victims will be limited and the general situation can go back to normal.

If there are no Amata fairs in your area, you can find our craft people and their hand made products in our Virtual Craft Village:
Weekly arts and crafts fair
Hotel Meliã Villaitana - Benidorm
Every Saturday

Every Saturday you can find our stalls in the main square of the Meliã Villaitana complex in Benidorm. The fair is not only for guests of the hotels: visitors from outside are also welcome!

Every week we offer something different.
In October we open at 7 pm and stay till midnight, in November we change the opening times and start at 11 am till 5 pm.

The hotel is near Terra Mítica, in the Avenida Alcalde Eduardo Zaplana 7.
Tibi (Alicante)
Original Arts&Crafts Fair
22, 23 and 24 October

After a year without fairs, we will be back with our art and craft stalls, workshops for children, craft demonstrations, soap bubble show and a great number of local stalls and specialities.

We open on Friday from 5 till 10 pm; on Saturday and Sunday opening times are from 11 am till 2 pm and then again from 5 till 10 pm, although on Sunday we close somewhat earlier.
Altea (Alicante)
Christmas arts & crafts market
3, 4 and 5 December

Last year we could not hold our Christmas market in Altea, but this year we come back to offer you an excellent opportunity to buy original, hand crafted Christmas presents for everybody.

We open on Friday evening and stay till Sunday night. Soon we can give you more details.
Virtual arts and crafts fair
from 1 November till 30 December 2021

The first of November we start the next Virtual Fair in our Virtual Craft Village.  Every fair lasts 2 months; the first day of every month we add 10 new stalls and take away the 10 that have been there longest.

Details of the fair and the application form are in
asociación para la mejora de la artesanía tradicional y actual
Tel: Lunes a viernes 9.00 a 13.30 h. y 17.00 a 20.00 h.
639 979 678 - Elvira
640 551 381 - Ronnie