before doing so, make sure that any question you want to ask has not already been dealt with somewhere else on these pages -  that way you won't waste our or your time.
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general information
there is a limit on the amount you can send,
so for photographs and dossiers use
Write an e-mail
Carrer Porxe, 12 -Dcha
03728 AlcalalĂ­
Postal address
Monday to Friday
9.00 am till 1.30 pm
966 482 051
Monday to Friday
9.00 am till 1.30 pm
and 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm
639 979 678
and all day when there is a fair on if it is about the fair
Getting in touch
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If you want to
be included in
our database,
we must have
the following

full name
telephone number

photos of material
photos of stand
photos of clothing

Information required
Our office hours are 09.00 - 13.30 Monday to Friday
We would prefer you to ring 966 482 051 / 639 979 678 during normal office hours