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What is Amata and what does it do?
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How much does a Medieval Market cost
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Here we present oursel-
ves, the way we work, our aims and our history
Excerpts from the official statutes  state clearly  what are Amata's aims
A list of all fairs and markets organised by Amata in the past
Hundreds of photographs,
clearly sorted into categories
Here we explain what it is that is so different about our Fairs and Markets
Sticking to the rules leads to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
Answers to the questions all "new" crafts people want to ask
What steps to follow to become one of the Amata family
before phoning us please read the information in
these web pages
We all would like to pre-
serve craft traditions. How can a sponsor help?
What are the typical characteristics of a good Fair or Market?
You can't get a good Fair or Market for nothing - how much will it cost
Typical questions asked
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Clothing you can make and wear at our markets
& lighting
Extension cable, 3-way adaptor, fuse, lighting
and permitted wattage