Amata members get priority
To participate in a craft fair or medieval market organized by Amata it is not necesary to be a member of Amata.  However, in case there are more artesans that want a place than there is room available, members of Amata will have a preference if the choice is between people offering the same sort of goods of the same quality.

You try us and we try you
In general, to become a member of Amata you have first to participate in a number of our fairs and/or markets, so that we can get to know each other.  If you are still interested in membership, write to us and we  will send you an application form which you fill out and present.  Then you enter in a period of trial and if, at the end of that period, you are  accepted, your main obligation is to pay a symbolic yearly fee - for the year 2006 it is all of 5 euros!

Becoming a member
how to join Amata
The official rules - in Spanish only
To get the hang of all the legal and official statutes and requirements,you can have a look at the relevant articles in the
Statutes of Amata (press the back arrow key at the top left hand corner of your web page to get back to this page).  These are in Spanish, but we are quite willing to give you a (verbal) extract in English if you think that necessary and  we have the time to spare .  You can also ask to see the complete Statutes of Amata (in Spanish) at our office.
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