What we offer the public
The organisers of Amata fairs and markets try to offer the public an attractive combination of good quality art and craft stalls with a pleasant and civilised atmosphere.

Arts and Crafts
Our fairs are true arts and crafts fairs, they are not so called "ferias alternativas", nor pretend to be alternative.  For that reason we do not admit herbs, creams, perfumes or therapies, nor food for direct consumption, nor food products.  In our medieval markets (better call them "medieval craft fairs") we apply the same rules, but we allow a  few food stalls to participate, on condition that they sell only traditional products and that nothing is factory made.
what is so special about Amata
Not just a pretty face
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Hand made
By "hand made" we mean: made, assembled and finished by the   person who sells the goods, in such a way that the process of converting the parts (which may be bought) into the final product, will need a certain amount of skill, ability, talent and sheer hard work.

No "reventa" (re-sale) allowed
In our fairs participants are not allowed to sell products bought from  third parties, whether produced inside or outside Spain, or made by friends or family.  Only items made by the person selling in the stall  are allowed.