Electricity and lighting
Cable (20 m.) and adaptor

Amata normally arranges with the town hall that there will be an electrical supply within 15 metres of every stall.  Each stall must come with 20 metres of cable and a 2-way or 3-way 15 Amp adaptor.

Maximum 150 watt lighting

Amata expects that the lighting system on all stalls is properly installed and does not exceed a total of 150 watt using low consumption bulbs.  Stalls that need more should ask for permission when booking

Lighting - appearance

Electrical lights may be used in medieval markets but must be suitably disguised.  Naked light bulbs or modern light shades will not be permitted

Food stalls

Stalls selling food will need more than 150 watt.  Such stalls must be fitted with a fuse board that has both an earth leak detector and a thermo- magnetic fuse.  The stall should indicate the wattage required when booking

RCCB - a new safety device

Amata insists that each stallholder bring along and use a RCCB safety socket.  This prevents possible injury to the public and also ensures that if one stall has electrical problems, other stalls are not affected.

Till recently, RCCB safety sockets could not be bought in a shop but had to be made up by an electrician, and such units were big and expensive  Now it is possible to buy a RCCB but these are difficult to find in a shop and on the web are usually priced at €18 or more.

The RCCB (see photo) should be plugged in to the end of the extension cable (or reel) before any light (or other fitting) is plugged in. 

If you have any difficulties finding an RCCB, ring Amata before the market and we will bring along an extra RCCB for you to buy at 10 euros.  If you turn up at the market without a RCCB and without placing an order, we will supply such a RCCB at 15 euros.

3-way 15-Amp adaptor
extension cable with 4 sockets