The essence of our association is reflected in the name AMATA, which stands for:

              Asociación para la Mejora de la
               Artesanía Tradicional y Actual

or, in English:

              Association for the Improvement
              of Traditional and Modern Crafts

In other words: we are mainly interested in promoting and improving craftwork in Spain, keeping traditions alive and maintaining quality. This is why we mainly dedicate ourselves to organising original arts and crafts fairs with Artesanía de Autor®.

Amata is able to do its job because the artisans, the public who visits the fairs and the sponsors like authentic craftwork.

Of course the artisans like authentic craftwork. It’s their job. But it is not a job born out of necessity: they chose this profession, because they love to work with their hands, master their tools, perfect their techniques and use their creativity to make every next piece more original, more decorative and/or more usefull than the previous.  Although their work is very satisfying to them, it’s increasingly difficult to make a living of producing and selling craftwork, as they are competing with cheaper items made in a factory or imported from other countries.
asociación para la mejora de la artesanía tradicional y actual
Amata = Artesania de Autor®
Amata fairs are different. You'll notice it, when you have a good look at the stalls. Then you will see that everything on display we have made with our own hands. There is nothing from a factory, nothing imported (all our artisans live and work in Spain). On this web site we want to convince you that, between all of us, we can achieve that real craftwork will continue to be part of our lives.
Tel: Lunes a viernes 9.00 a 13.30 h. y 17.00 a 20.00 h.
639 979 678 - Elvira
640 551 381 - Ronnie
The general public also likes authentic craftwork: they like to see people working with their hands, appreciate the skill, love and patience that goes into the creation of just one piece of craftwork. They congratulate the artisans on the originality and quality of their work. The visitors tell us that nowadays it’s difficult to find real craftwork in street markets and they appreciate the fact that Amata only admits authentic artisans, who only sell items they themselves have made by hand.

The sponsors of Amata are mostly Town Halls. They like to have a craft fair in their town where the artisans can show and sell their work and the visitors can see and buy it. But if they are not familiar with the world of the artisans who earn their living in street markets, it can be very difficult to choose the right organiser.

In this website we present to all of you, information about and photographs from our fairs and we give you a glimpse behind the scenes in the craft world, with suggestions on how you can best help us to attain our goals.

When all of us, Amata, the artisans, the visitors and the sponsors, get involved, each in our own way, we can achieve that traditional and modern crafts don’t dissappear and can hold a worthier position in our society.
Amata is registered in the “Registro Nacional de Asociaciones” in Alicante, Sección 1ª, Nº 624227. CIF: G53268892.
Our projects:

- Virtual Craft Village

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- Real Craft Village Alcalá del Júcar
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