Why buy craftwork?

On the homepage, we already explained that original crafts can only survive if the artisans are able to make a living with their crafts. Buying products directly from an artisan is the best way to accomplish this.

But there are more advantages to buying Artesanía de Autor

- You have direct contact with the artisan, who made the piece you want to buy; he can explain what materials and techniques were used to realise the piece and how to best preserve and clean it.

- You buy a quality product, that is made with love, skill and patience. It might be more expensive than the bazars with imported goods, but it will last longer. In the long run, it is the cheaper product that you have to keep replacing that is more expensive.

- You buy an unique piece, because the artisans makes all his pieces one by one, and there will never be two exactly the same.

- If you can´t find what you are looking for, the artisan can make something according to your preferences and/or needs.

- A fair with Artesanía de Autor® (craftwork direct from the autor) is a Good place to find original presents for any ocasión: birthdays and anniversaries, weddings and  communions, bachelor parties, christmas or three kings, or, simply to spoil yourself.

Besides this oficial page of Amata, we have created a page on Facebook ("Amigos de Amata") to promote our fairs and markets. Amigos de Amata has a lot of "likes" and in the fairs the visitors usually congratulate the artisans for the quality and originality of their pieces.

We are very pleased that you like our work , but …. Artisans can't live on congratulations and likes. Allthough it helps them when you diffuse the publications of "Amigos de Amata" with all your contacts and groups (even when you can't visit yourself, possibly one of your friends can.

But the best thing would be, when all the people went to a fair with the intention of buying at least one thing, small as it may be, from one of the artisans!!
asociación para la mejora de la artesanía tradicional y actual
asociación para la mejora de la artesanía tradicional y actual
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