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¿How can I participate in an Amata fair?

In the fairs of Amata only craft people who live and work in Spain can participate and they can only sell products that they themselves have made. We don’t allow imported goods or items which have only been assembled (products where all the elements are bought and you only did some cutting and used some glue for example). We’re looking for craft people who transform a raw material into a finished product.

We ask that before contacting us you read the information on
  this page.

First we need to know you and your work.  For that reason we ask you to fill in and send us the form .

Once we have seen the photos and approved your products, we store your information in our database and we will warn you of future events in your area. When a fair is confirmed, we will post it on our website (future events). We also send e-mails with an application form and information to artisans who live nearby (in the same province or neighbouring ones). For certain products (jewelry, leather, t-shirts, soap and cosmetic products, etc.) there are so many artisans that they have to take turns.

If you are interested in a fair and you don’t receive an e-mail from us, warn us as soon as possible, so we can send you the information before the inscription period ends. The day after the inscription period ends, we evaluate all the aplications and we make a selection. We let everybody know, whether they are admitted or no. From this moment onwards it may still be possible to participate if there is still space and the products don’t compete with another stall.

asociación para la mejora de la artesanía tradicional y actual
asociación para la mejora de la artesanía tradicional y actual
Tel: Lunes a viernes 9.00 a 13.30 h. y 17.00 a 20.00 h.
639 979 678 - Elvira
640 551 381 - Ronnie
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I wish to participate in Amata fairs.
IMPORTANT!! You can only participate with products that are handmade by you!!
I´d like to participate in Amata fairs; I´m sending my information and photos to be evaluated.
Name and surname:
Town and province:
I would be interested in doing workshops with kids: Describe what you´ll be doing:
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If you wish to participate in medieval fairs, we need
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On behalf of AMATA we process the information you provide us in order to provide the requested service. The data provided will be kept as long as the relationship is maintained or for the years necessary to comply with legal obligations. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation. You have the right to obtain confirmation on whether we are treating your personal data at AMATA, therefore you have the right to access your personal data, rectify inaccurate data or request its deletion when the data is no longer necessary.
I also request your authorization to offer you products and services related to those requested and retain you as a customer.