The organisers of Amata try to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in their events. If all participants stick to the following rules, it will be a lot easier to achieve this - see also "Frequently asked questions".


Please be punctual every day of the fair. It is in your own interest, because in general the early visitors are the most serious. Also, many visitors of our fairs (especially in the coastal area) are not Spanish.  Many of them come from countries where events start promptly at the announced time on the poster and are upset or annoyed if things start late. Arriving late or not opening on time can influence future participation in our fairs.
Your allocated place in the fair
For each fair we make a plan with the exact location of every stall. Preferences or special needs (shade, a level place, next to a friend, etc.) have to be communicated in your application form. The day we build up is too late to make drastic changes in the plan.

Building up without disturbing others

For each fair we clearly indicate the hours in which you can arrive and build up. Within these hours you can choose the time that is most convenient to you, as long as you are ready (fully built up and properly dressed) to open to the public at the announced time. If for any unforseen reason you are not able to make it in time, you have to warn us as soon as possible, so we can adapt the plan if necessary and make the setting up easier.

When you get to the area of the fair, look for the organiser, who will show you your allocated spot.

Please park your car in such a way (if possible) so as not to obstruct other cars and off-load your stand and all your goods as quickly as possible without starting to build up your stand. Only build up your stand after you have parked your car. When it is time to go, please don’t enter your car untill you have everything packed up and ready to load. If for special reasons you need to enter your car sooner, explain your motives to the organisation.

Working in the stand       

We would like you to work at your craft during the fair. If there is no part of your work that you can do outside, try to have some photographs of yourself at work and/or show some tools and unfinished work.

Presentation of stands and participants 

To create a caracteristic image of quality and uniformity in our fairs, we ask that everbody uses the same colors of fabric for their stalls: off white for the roof and a light brown for the skirt of the table, as you can see in the photopraphs below. We can provide these fabrics at a wholesale price. In fairs that don’t have a medieval or other theme to it, we accept foldable garden tents, as long as the roof is off white or very similar. Please pay the utmost attention to the presentation of your products and your stall.
In medieval markets or other themed markets we only accept wooden structures or stalls with all the metal parts well hidden by fabric. The lights need to be hidden from direct sight by some sort of cover. Your clothes need to fit the theme, we don´t accept hippie or Indian style clothing as a medieval costume, no jeans, modern shoes, watches or mobile ‘phones in sight.
If you don’t pay enough attention to these details, you might endanger the future of the market.
asociación para la mejora de la artesanía tradicional y actual
asociación para la mejora de la artesanía tradicional y actual
Tel: Lunes a viernes 9.00 a 13.30 h. y 17.00 a 20.00 h.
639 979 678 - Elvira
640 551 381 - Ronnie


The organisers will provide electrical socket outlets to within 25 metres of each stand. Each artisan is responsible for his own lighting plus an extension lead up to a maximum of 25 metres. To prevent overloads, please don’t exceed 180W per stall and use energy saving lights (LED). Should you need more than 180W to be able to work or demonstrate your craft, please warn us beforehand in your application form.
Each stand must have its own differential to prevent blackouts (just an extension reel with a reset button is not enough). If you don’t have one, we can provide one for 10€ (see this page for more information).

Dogs, cats and children

Dogs, cats and children should be kept under reasonable controll. If members of the public or other crafts people complain, we may decide not to invite the owner or parent (as the case may be) to other ferias.


In our craft fairs we normally use background music and in our medieval markets we have live music.  Please don’t play your own recorded music, bongos or other instruments in your stall without the explicit permisson of the organisers.


During and at the end of the market, please pick up your rubbish and waste and dispose of it in a dustbin. That way you help us to keep the Town Hall happy and satisfied with our markets.

Please leave all the common areas such as toilets, showers, sleeping areas etc. as clean as possible. Think about how you would like to find the area. If there is no rubbish bag, ask Amata for one. If after a shower the floor remains wet, or with hairs etc., clean it up. BE CAREFULL NOT TO LOSE THE KEYS!!!!